Tulsa Breast Center is dedicated to helping women take control of their own basic preventive breast health care.

Breast Health

Here’s what you can expect.

First, you’ll sit with a thermographer and go over your intake forms discussing any needs or concerns.

Thermography can not read through clothing. You will undress and cool off while the thermographer gets ready for your scan. Then you will be positioned in front of a Thermal Digital Camera while a skilled examiner takes pictures for 15 to 30 minutes.

To establish a baseline in Thermography for the breast, two sets of images are recommended 90 days a part, then annually.

Tulsa Screenings

Next, we send your scans to a certified physician for analysis.

Then, you will be emailed a report of findings, along
with recommendations about how to proceed. For breast exams, you will be asked to come back in 3 months for a follow-up scan to confirm your normal baseline and to make sure that there are no immediate changes.

Set your mind at ease

We believe Thermography is an amazing tool to help you learn more about your breast health – without the pain and radiation of a Mammogram.

Early detection screening is our best defense.

As a tumor grows, it develops a blood supply that emits heat which can then be detected with a specialized infrared thermal camera. A team of doctors and thermologists highly trained and certified in the science of thermography then interpret the thermal images, note abnormalities, and make recommendations for further evaluation as warranted.

Thermography can be utilized by women with dense breast tissue and women of any age, even young women with a family history of breast cancer. Whereas mammography is not recommended under the age of 40 and can be especially painful for some women.